Sunday, July 1, 2012

Was that a typo? Does it say Sax on the Beach or Sex on the Beach.? Lol... looks for my glasses...
If you are out and about come look at the sign for me... let me know if I missed out on some great orgy... because I didn’t see anyone having sex here. This Sim has lots of wonderful romantic music and is a great adventure.

Welcome to JC's SAX ON THE BEACH. A place of Rest, Romance and Beauty.􀀂

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Sax on the Beach
Colleen and I both are pleased to have you visit our home land. We have found much enjoyment here at SAX now with two venues, "COLLEEN'S BALLROOM AT SAX ON THE BEACH" and the original venue "JC's SAX ON THE BEACH", which has been our mainstay for music and fun. Originally it was designed to entertain our friends at our own private events, however we have decided to open it to all those who would like to come and relax here on the beach. We are constantly refining our home to have places to cuddle and explore with beauty and peace at every turn. Romance is definitely something that I share with Colleen and most of this was built for exactly that. Because I , JC , am a musician here in SL and in RL, there are events and shows that will be posted for your entertainment.

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