Thursday, July 12, 2012

I spent the evening dancing at a very lovely live music venue, .. Apparently it has been around as long as I have.2006,What a beautiful place,  I don't recall ever hanging out here.. but I think I will spend more time here listening to this great singer. NITESTATTIK  a musician, singer, songwriter, performer. He has played in rl life for many years, has recorded with Neuroactive, and  Stattik Dawn as well as numerous solo projects...his sound is mostly 80s retro  although he covers some Elvis and 50s 60s songs and can do a jazz standards set  as well. If you would like to hang out with me.. come join me at this concert. FOR A GREAT HOUR OF LIVE MUSIC. NItestattik  will be at Jezebels every Sun 1-2, Wed. ,7=8 and thur 7-8.  If you can't make these dates.. come listen to these other greats singers.Mondays at 5PM we have Potlatch foggerty, another very talented man and Brixton Canning  6-7PM on Wednesdays.


Owners Vagabond Vella & amd Closer2U

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