Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Friends.
Today was hot..!!.. And I don't mean in a sexual way.. I mean in a "Global Warming" day.
So it was a great day to stay out of the garden and putter around the house. While looking for trouble in sl.. I came across a Spanish class, 101 Spanish.. Which if you know me.. I really need help .

So.. There I go.. Looking for the Spanish teacher to set me straight,and Davide Cruz-tortora aka Pwnage Ametza was just the one.classes are  normally  everyday at 14:00 CST or 12:00 SL Time

A very Smart and educated man offered the class at 12 noon. We have now gone over all the proper way of saying hello.
If only I could remember them. lol.. If you are looking to either refresh that high school Spanish class, or say hello to the sexy Latina dancing next to you.. come see Davide. You won’t be sorry.

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