Friday, July 6, 2012

Did you ever want to get away from it all, and find a spot where life is simple and happy?  
That's what THE DOCK OF THE BAY  is all about,  QUIET and SIMPLY  the prettiest little place you have ever been to.  Walk along the board walks there and find all kinds of natural things.  Its the perfect place to take a date .  The whole sim is pretty unique and has lots of paths to walk and explore.  A couple of little shops to stop and browse through for a special out fit to impress or a fun costume to dress up in . SCALAWAG'S  TREASURES  and YE OLDE DOCK SHOPE  (Costume Shop) will be a fun adventure.   When you arrive,  you'll land right by  "Bubba's Pack Rat Shack"   so you might want to prowl around there for a bit before you cross the board walk and walk to the DOCK OF THE BAY  dance area.  There's a huge water tower, the ruins of a old mission , and a neat apple tree on the hill for couples to enjoy.  Grab the air boad right off the Dock and ride around to see every thing.
While strolling around through the pretty forest and gardens there , you'll come up on a frolicking family of weasels  The are so much fun to watch them playing.  There's a hidden hot tub for couples and a nice secluded beach with under water fun there.  Its right ut side of the Aster Estates Club House, that has a dance room and a greedy table for any one to use.  If  you'd like to live here you might check with Don Aster, he's a super house builder.

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