Sunday, July 29, 2012

A adventurous day for Veruca.. 

I woke up early this morning and decided to find someplace beautiful to visit in Second Life as the sun rose around me in RL.It was a peaceful and quiet morning with birds chirping as my tp landed me at World's End Garden.

This place is just gorgeous, and wonderfully fun to photograph too.  It is a romantic and watery garden, with plenty of out of the way places to pose or even dance a dreamy dance with someone you love.
I think my favorite spot is the glass piano.  It made me like I was in a fairy tale.  The butterfly you see in the foreground of this picture is actually clickable for couples dances.  And there are plenty more places to discover as well.

Another great thing about my morning was that I didn't even have to come dressed up, because I joined the World's End Garden group (no fee), and adorned myself with one of their beautiful - and free - dresses.  There is a wall inside the store with several outfits for group members.

I chose to wear the Requiem pour un s ur perdue gown.  It's just lovely, isn't it?
There is stuff to buy too, like beautiful decor and even some of the flowers in the gardens.

Hair by Amacci
Makeup by [mock]

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