Sunday, July 29, 2012

A adventurous day for Veruca.. 

I woke up early this morning and decided to find someplace beautiful to visit in Second Life as the sun rose around me in RL.It was a peaceful and quiet morning with birds chirping as my tp landed me at World's End Garden.

This place is just gorgeous, and wonderfully fun to photograph too.  It is a romantic and watery garden, with plenty of out of the way places to pose or even dance a dreamy dance with someone you love.
I think my favorite spot is the glass piano.  It made me like I was in a fairy tale.  The butterfly you see in the foreground of this picture is actually clickable for couples dances.  And there are plenty more places to discover as well.

Another great thing about my morning was that I didn't even have to come dressed up, because I joined the World's End Garden group (no fee), and adorned myself with one of their beautiful - and free - dresses.  There is a wall inside the store with several outfits for group members.

I chose to wear the Requiem pour un s ur perdue gown.  It's just lovely, isn't it?
There is stuff to buy too, like beautiful decor and even some of the flowers in the gardens.

Hair by Amacci
Makeup by [mock]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Un Baile
Well with my new Spanish classes, and the practice I need... I found a great place to have fun and do my Spanish homework. I put on my best dress.. of couse from Touch of Ireland.  See link in other blog.

 Wednesday Nights from 5-7... Senora Azucena Villota plays the most amazing music. At the Instituto Española

I had to drag Zadista over with me. We put on our best salsa dress and danced the night away,

Que Bonita

Senora Azucena is in a beautiful dress that can be purchased on this sim.. from Izel Coture.

It's mariachi time! Enjoy a show of classic mariachi and boleros from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Prepare for a great lineup of Mejia, Solis, Infante, Los Panchos, y mas. This is a fun way to practice your Spanish and enjoy one of the most cherished cultural traditions of Mexico.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Friends.
Today was hot..!!.. And I don't mean in a sexual way.. I mean in a "Global Warming" day.
So it was a great day to stay out of the garden and putter around the house. While looking for trouble in sl.. I came across a Spanish class, 101 Spanish.. Which if you know me.. I really need help .

So.. There I go.. Looking for the Spanish teacher to set me straight,and Davide Cruz-tortora aka Pwnage Ametza was just the one.classes are  normally  everyday at 14:00 CST or 12:00 SL Time

A very Smart and educated man offered the class at 12 noon. We have now gone over all the proper way of saying hello.
If only I could remember them. lol.. If you are looking to either refresh that high school Spanish class, or say hello to the sexy Latina dancing next to you.. come see Davide. You won’t be sorry.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I spent the evening dancing at a very lovely live music venue, .. Apparently it has been around as long as I have.2006,What a beautiful place,  I don't recall ever hanging out here.. but I think I will spend more time here listening to this great singer. NITESTATTIK  a musician, singer, songwriter, performer. He has played in rl life for many years, has recorded with Neuroactive, and  Stattik Dawn as well as numerous solo projects...his sound is mostly 80s retro  although he covers some Elvis and 50s 60s songs and can do a jazz standards set  as well. If you would like to hang out with me.. come join me at this concert. FOR A GREAT HOUR OF LIVE MUSIC. NItestattik  will be at Jezebels every Sun 1-2, Wed. ,7=8 and thur 7-8.  If you can't make these dates.. come listen to these other greats singers.Mondays at 5PM we have Potlatch foggerty, another very talented man and Brixton Canning  6-7PM on Wednesdays.


Owners Vagabond Vella & amd Closer2U

Friday, July 6, 2012

Did you ever want to get away from it all, and find a spot where life is simple and happy?  
That's what THE DOCK OF THE BAY  is all about,  QUIET and SIMPLY  the prettiest little place you have ever been to.  Walk along the board walks there and find all kinds of natural things.  Its the perfect place to take a date .  The whole sim is pretty unique and has lots of paths to walk and explore.  A couple of little shops to stop and browse through for a special out fit to impress or a fun costume to dress up in . SCALAWAG'S  TREASURES  and YE OLDE DOCK SHOPE  (Costume Shop) will be a fun adventure.   When you arrive,  you'll land right by  "Bubba's Pack Rat Shack"   so you might want to prowl around there for a bit before you cross the board walk and walk to the DOCK OF THE BAY  dance area.  There's a huge water tower, the ruins of a old mission , and a neat apple tree on the hill for couples to enjoy.  Grab the air boad right off the Dock and ride around to see every thing.
While strolling around through the pretty forest and gardens there , you'll come up on a frolicking family of weasels  The are so much fun to watch them playing.  There's a hidden hot tub for couples and a nice secluded beach with under water fun there.  Its right ut side of the Aster Estates Club House, that has a dance room and a greedy table for any one to use.  If  you'd like to live here you might check with Don Aster, he's a super house builder.

Acoustic Cave

Acoustic Cave, on the Aisle of Azariah, is a two-story live music venue which includes a main event floor, stage, bar, and dance area and a bar, greedy tables, games, and secluded dance areas on the second floor. Set in an old refurbished warehouse it is the perfect atmosphere for couples or singles!  Music is streaming 24 hours a day and you are always welcome to enjoy the venue.
We have a great line-up of excellent live SL performers.
Our staff is on hand to answer questions and make your experience as pleasant as possible. Please come enjoy yourself: of Azariah/199/401/22.
Here is the PUBLICLY viewable Acoustic Cave Calendar:
Here is the Web Site for the Acoustic Cave:
ALSO  Find us on Facebook!

Thank you for visiting us

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Touch of Ireland.

WOW.,!!! If you are ever looking for a creative and colorful outfit for any holiday, this is the place to get it.

Ask Zadista.. She needed three just for the 4th of July... If there is a Sugar Daddy who is willing to keep Zadi in the Patriotic mood (ooh did I say mood? giggles).... Please see me.

Zadi in her new dress

Currently a Hunt is taking place at the A Touch of Ireland.. you can read more about this on the blog site